"...She wanted me to bring her into the field of the eternal and beautiful, that supreme light, where, in her opinion, I belonged...

She listened, believed and did not require evidence..."


In 2005, a small floristry world - a flower boutique - was created by Natalia Voitenko. Sensuality and confidence dwelt there.

For over than 5 years of this small floristry concept being at work continuous learning from the best and great florists worldwide was taking place. It engaged Belgium, Japan, much of Germany, some of wonderful Latvia, and the Netherlands.

Collaboration with the world's greatest florists Daniel Ost, Lucas Jansen and others. Prizes at international flower festivals and exhibitions.

Each country and city input their tint into the creation and work of the boutique.

While perceiving the world we try to reflect its natural beauty.

On our 5th anniversary, we opened the second, this time a big one, floristry art retail shop. Success, luxury, freedom, lightness...

During this period a school of floristry mastery was opened as well which is now becoming an international organization of teaching the floristry art philosophy.

Today, staying on top of the luxurious floristry industry, "Majorelle" continues to push the boundaries, to introduce new trends. International advising, consulting, a business school.

The new kind of luxury we offer isn’t primarily about the price or brand – it’s about the experience, boundless involvement, impressions, benefit, aesthetics and progress.

Majorelle now is the lasting legacy whose passion and unmatchable style at present are involving the new generation of floristry retailers and craftsmen continuing to work with us every day so as to create the most fabulous floristry projects in the world.


To develop skills, discover new talents, create an aesthetic laboratory for the European-style culture, start innovative, brand new styles and concepts of business management and creation.

Natalia Voytenko

To partners and investors

To partners and companies in other industries, we offer mutually beneficial cooperation in the development of our directions.

To investment companies and business-angels, we offer participation in the development of the company or individual Majorelle’s projects.

Feedback: info@majorelle.ua


If you think that you have the necessary skills, knowledge, and you are ready to create new projects, not afraid to take new heights and want to become part of our team.

Being full of talents ourselves we are open for gifted creative persons. We are ready for carrying out unrealistic startups and crazy ideas.

Feedback: hr@majorelle.ua

This corporate structure is created for the purpose of discussing and analyzing the industry’s relevant issues which offers a continuous dialogue with the company’s partners and customers, investors and business-angels.

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